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I do not know how the web will evolve in the future, I don’t think that anybody knows how the web of 2020 will look like, or what applications will be popular then.

But regardless of the direction the web evolves, we will undoubtedly see more and more complex client-side applications being…

Slår in vidöppna dörrar men det tål att upprepas; Ett bra sätt att få sälja mer är att känna rätt personer! Och var träffar man sådan enklast. På nätet. Så här kommer några tips om hur man nätverkar på LinkedIn. 

Tips på hur man ska blogga för att få mycket trafik av rätt sort.





When I first started @Aviary, I planned to be completely transparent about the company’s progress with everyone: employees, users and total strangers.

I understood that traditionally, early startups were in complete stealth mode and closed about their plans and progress.

That seemed silly to me.

The “stealth mode” question is always an interesting one. The desire to protect one’s ideas and first-mover advantage is completely understandable. But Muchnick also outlines several powerful reasons for transparency. For example: “Being transparent with the world will force you to deal with problems immediately, before it’s too late.”

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